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Welcome to BodipHat Gym. We have one simple montra- “We Lift Weights Here!!!” It is a motto that BodipHat Gym is built on. BodipHat Gym has unique equipment and weights that you wont find anywhere in the area. Bodiphat gym is a facility based on the fundamentals of healthy eating and lifting weights.

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Personal Training

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specialized programs for:

  • Total Body Wellness

  • Vegan Health

  • Bodybuilding

  • Powerlifting

  • Sports Specific Training

Brta Pull Artic

The gym is currently on limited access. Only 5 non gym employees will be allowed access to the gym per hour and a half. No one will be allowed gym access with out a scheduled appointment. People must practice safe social distancing and all equipment must be cleaned and wiped down after use. We ask that you be courteous of other people’s space and time. Get your workout in and exit the gym.

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